Management Team

Board of Directors
Mr.Basawantray Hampanagouder - Managing Director
" Building a honest character, will establish success on the foundation of honesty."

Mr.Sangappa S. Hampanagoudar  - Director

Mr.Shankar S. Hampanagoudar     - Director
" Strength & Growth come only through continues effort and struggle."

Mr.Ravi S. Hampanagoudar           - Director
" Hardwork on time , pays success."

Technical Personnels
Mr.S. Mekanathan                           - General Manager
Mr.Mahesh Warde                           - Deputy General Manager
Mr.John Victor                                - Project Co-ordinator
Mr.Rajesh Ghanekar                       - Project Co-ordinator
Mr.Subhash Palan                          - Project Co-ordinator
Mr.Snehal Warang                          - Project Co-ordinator
Mr.Prakash Jumble                        - Project Co-ordinator
Mr.Jayesh Marathe                         - Project Co-ordinator

Office Incharge
Mr.S. Hiremath                                - Office Co-ordinator
Mr.Ramesh Shilwant                      - P.R.O.

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